I am touched…

By Bobby McFerrin singing ‘Ave Maria‘ acapella with hundreds of people.

By Brene Brown telling her story about vulnerability.

By the stories of Fred Lee in his book ‘If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently’. I would love to meet him face to face one day.

By Patch Adams (and the movie named after him) when he talks about his passion for people and healthcare and when I read about his school for Designing a Society.

ByRoy Bunker telling his compelling and challenging story about the ‘barefoot college’ he set up. The only school in the world where ’the student is the teacher and the teacher is the student’… Where women that are considered to be worthless by the rest of the world develop into capable builders of solar panels and who sometimes are more knowledgeable than many an engineer…

By Toshiro Kanamori in Japan who teaches his students and at the same time learns himself about friendship and respect (special thanks to Annelyn de Boer who put the movie clip on her website).

By the bandoneon player in the Metropole Orchestra playing ‘Adios Nonino’ at a rehearsal in Vredenburg theatre in Utrecht.

By a six year old girl writing me: ‘i always sing and dance with yur cd i am your faen!!!!!!!’

In my previous job I took part in Insights-Discovery, a program for insight in personal effectiveness. One of the suggestions for development following this program is: ‘You may benefit from reading inspirational books and listening to motivating tapes.’ Nowadays ’tapes’ have been replaced by mostly movie clips and MP3s, but the suggestion is spot on…

Have you also been touched by something? React to this article and let me know… I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Yesterday I was hit by the s##t of a seagull at the seaside in Scheveningen… That is an entirely different kind of impact…

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