High sensitivity and creativity (HSP)

I am highly sensitive. Some people call it HSP (abbreviation for Highly Sensitive Person. I have been HSP from birth. From that point of view there is nothing I can do about it… Every person has specific characteristics, talents, qualities and preferences. They give him or her a certain identity. Part of my identity is my sensitivity. And an important part of that is my creativity. I quote:

‘Creativity is your main source of mental nourishment and reason for existence.’

According to Felix Brabander¬†in his book ‘Follow your senses’. I completely identify with that. Let me repeat it just for me:

‘Creativity is my main source of mental nourishment and reason for existence.’

How true that is… When I am creative, I come alive. And under pressure it works even better, with a concrete task. This summer for example I have written two new verses for the performance of my song ‘Maak je geen zorgen’ (‘Don’t worry’) during the open mic night in Denmark at the International School of Gospel Music. One verse in Danish and one verse in English. And during a ski holiday in Austria I write a mini theatre performance within two hours. That is: two hours just before the actual open mic night. In that performance I incorporate the events that happened during the ski week.

My current job starts as a purely administrative position. Extremely dull. So I start looking for something that I can pour my creativity into. It leads to me automating a process by linking two systems in a third system that I build. By creating this system I identify bottlenecks in the process and I automate repetitive tasks, so that invoices are approved quicker eventually and it becomes easier for another person to take over the process.

Creativity in language, creativity in cooking, creativity in music, creative solutions, all sorts of creativity. And at the same time my growth sometimes comes to a standstill. I keep running into the same issues in my life. How is that possible? I will write more about that in my next column: HSPs pitfalls.

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